Community Engagement OKRs- What Are They And Why Do We Need Them?



Community Engagement OKRs are the Objectives and Key Results that are designed to improve an organization’s engagement with its community. Also there are business OKRs which are designed to help your business achieve its objectives and key results.

This article will give you an insight into community engagement OKRs, what they mean, and how you can use them for your success. Also, we will provide you with a few corporate/ business OKRs examples that you can use.

Community engagement is one of the essential components of any company that wants to be successful. When your company works together with the local community or with community-led strategy to achieve the same progressive goal, you can rest assured that your company will be more valued. The power of community for a company is sometimes wrongly undervalued. It can easily lead to great results in shorter periods of time.

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Successful companies never take community engagement for granted, because your goal should be good collaboration and teamwork (within your company or with your local community). Also, it can lead to more motivated teams, more productive employees, and an overall positive work ethic.


OKRs are goal-setting tools that can help you decide which goals you would like to achieve during a certain project or task. Also, they can help you realize how to achieve these goals and make the best strategic plans for them.

Objectives are the high-level goals which your project or organization wants to achieve. Key results are the specific steps which you can measure. These steps should be taken if you want to achieve your set objectives. If you are a company with a community-led strategy, OKRs can track your community’s progress. Additionally, they make it easier to communicate with your stakeholders.

A screenshot of easynote's dashboard which can help as the best scheduling software for small business and schedule tasks or meetings

There are apps like Easynote (which we will talk about later) that can help you track your progress and OKRs easily, just a click away.

There are several possible benefits of defining your OKRs:

  • Making the right decisions about how to better and grow your community
  • Matching community goals with business goals
  • Motivating team engagement through goal-setting
  • Keeping track of your progress through assessable goals
  • A chance to work cross-functionally towards the same goal.

Why are Community Engagement OKRs important?

Community engagement OKRs should be important to your company for a few reasons.

They aid organizations in building strong relations with the local community.

This can help your company gather trust and collaboration. They are important for companies that want to be seen as accountable and responsible to the communities. Community engagement aids organizations to find new opportunities and new partnerships that might lead to business success and growth.

Community engagement OKRs can help your organization’s reputation

Every community loves a company that shows that they care about the local communities and their well-being. When you, as an organization, engage with your local community, you present to them that you do not only care about your profit. You show that you care about much more than that. This will make your community respect your organization.

This can attract new clients and customers as well as investors. Positive media coverage can also be a big plus for your company because it might count as a great marketing strategy.

Community engagement OKRs can help your organization identify and address community needs

Community engagement okrs discussed by businessmen and businesswomen on the street

If your company engages with the local community, it gets a better understanding and insight into the problems, challenges, or opportunities within that community. It would be ideal if your company could help with these needs and problems with your products or services. This boosts loyalty and admiration for your business.

Community engagement OKRs can help your organization conform to regulatory requirements

There are strict regulations and guidelines for many industries, and community engagement is often one of the key requirements for compliance. By setting community engagement OKRs, organizations can show that they are taking their obligations seriously and that they are committed to exploring and bettering the needs of their local communities.

How to Develop Community Engagement OKRs?

If you want to develop effective community engagement OKRs, you will need a systematic and structured approach. Your main goal is to align your mission with the community’s values. Here are a few steps/suggestions to help you with this:

Identify the objectives

The first step is identifying the objectives of community engagement. First, try to think about the goals you would like to achieve with community engagement. This might involve having to talk to stakeholders who will support this project. Also, this may include local community groups, employees, and customers.

What may your objectives be? This will depend on a few factors, for example, the size of your company, the industry you work in, and the local community that is involved with the project.

Some of the most common objectives might include:

  • identifying the community’s needs
  • building trust and collaborating with the community  
  • improving your company’s/organization’s reputation

Define key results

Once you finish defining your community engagement objectives, it is time to think about the key results that you will use to measure and track progress toward these objectives. The key results you define should be relevant, measurable, and achievable.

For example, if the community engagement’s objective is to identify the community’s needs, then you should engage in some community research. You could do interviews and visit parts of the community that need help or support. If your community engagement objective is to improve the organization’s reputation, the key results might include positive social media ratings or positive media coverage.

Assign responsibility

The next step you should take during community engagement OKRs is to assign responsibility for achieving them. There should be defined roles within the teams that will work towards the same goal. Also, you may appoint certain team leaders to the positions that your project needs, and they can monitor the whole process.

Involve your community

Involving your community does not just mean working with them and seeing the right results. Your main goal should be the community’s respect towards your organization and positive feedback. You should involve your community in the whole process, and listen to their opinions and suggestions.

This will ensure that your community engagement OKRs are effective and meaningful. Support groups and surveys are always a good idea.

Monitor and adjust

Monitoring the whole process will help you stay updated on all the progress and changes your OKRs might undergo. For example, some parts of the community might feel left out. This way, your teams might need some micro-managing or team collaboration.

This may involve altering your tactics, revising and even changing your objectives or key results, and asking for additional opinions from your community.

Business OKR Examples / Company Level OKR Examples

How can we apply these things to business OKRs? Similar to community engagement OKRs, your business might need to define its Objectives and Key Results within itself.

Here are some examples of possible business OKRs:

1. Objective: Increase revenue

If your objective is to increase revenue, here are some Key Results you might consider:

  • Increase sales by 10% in Q1– this might motivate your team and increase productivity.
  • Create and launch a new product line by the end of Q2– this may boost your teams’ organizational and productivity skills.
  • Boost customer retention rate by 10% in Q3– this might boost your worker’s confidence.

2. Objective: Improve customer satisfaction

If your objective is to improve customer satisfaction, your Key Results might be:

  • Respond to all customer questions and complaints within 24 hours– this will gain more trust among your customers.
  • Conduct a customer survey and attain a satisfaction score of at least 8 out of 10– this will increase the overall satisfaction levels within your company.
  • Train all customer-facing employees on all important customer service practices by the end of Q2- this will ensure you have quality workers who will deliver quality results.

3. Objective: Enhance employee engagement

If your objective is to enhance employee engagement, these could be the possible Key Results:

  • Conduct an employee survey and attain a satisfaction score of at least 80%- this will give you an insight into the overall employee satisfaction which is important for any business owner. This article will give you an insight into how to motivate your team.
  • Implement a company-wide acknowledgment program by the end of Q1- this will boost your employees’ confidence and engagement.
  • Increase the number of employees participating in training programs by 25% in Q2- as already stated, your staff’s training should be an important part of every business, since quality staff equals quality product.

4. Objective: Expand market share

If your objective is to expand market share, these are your possible Key Results:

  • Expand to a new geographic market by the end of Q1- this will result in new opportunities and your company might develop new ideas.
  • Grow marketing spending by 30% in Q2- this will improve your marketing strategies.
  • Attain a 5% increase in market share by the end of the year- this will boost your company’s value.

5. Objective: Enhance operational efficiency

If your objective is to increase operational effectiveness or efficiency, your Key Results might be:

  • Decrease production lead time by 15% by the end of Q3
  • Employ a new project management software by the end of Q2- good project management software can save a lot of time on tasks that can be automated, etc.
  • Boost employee productivity by 10% by the end of the year- this may sound like not much but your employee productivity is a big indicator of your business’s success. This article will help you learn how to motivate your teams.

These are just a few examples of business and company-level OKRs. The key is to make sure you align your OKRs with the overall company strategies. Your objectives should be specific and achievable, while your key results are quantifiable and relevant.

Project management apps that will make your community engagement OKRs easier to track

As we previously mentioned, the whole process of organizing, tracking, and monitoring community engagement OKRs can be an overwhelming one. You might need to pay attention to all the active members during the project, how your employees contribute to it, and the overall process toward the goals and objectives.

With the help of Easynote, this process becomes much easier. You will be amazed at how easily you can track all the timelines and tasks are while using all the features it has to offer.

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Easynote is a 5-in-1 AI-powered tool that will help your management and organizational skills. It integrates all the features to save you time and energy.

For example, if you need to follow multiple projects at once, it is easily done with Easynote’s Ultimate Dashboard. You can have all the progress from multiple projects on one dashboard and not worry about missing anything.

In case you need to organize meetings, we are a perfect solution because we integrate all Calendars and Meeting apps (such as Google Meets). This will save you time switching between different apps since you will have them all integrated into one app.

Also, we have many templates that may be useful when discussing community engagement OKRs or any other business-related goals.


Community Engagement OKRs are the objectives and key results that are designed to improve an organization’s engagement with its community. If they are business-oriented, they should be designed to help your company’s objectives and key results.

We hope that this article has helped you with some ideas on how to implement the OKRs and how to use apps like Easynote to monitor them so they can be designed and delivered correctly. Your company’s success depends deeply on your OKRs. The tips we have shared with you will improve your business strategies, engagement, and overall business success.

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