Manage all your files in one place.

It's time to replace Google Drive, Dropbox, Teams, Projectplace and manage all your files
inside Easynote. Upload to filemanager, share between projects, give or remove access.
Move or copy documents, files, spreadsheets, presentations between projects.

File managemenet app. Manage all your files at Easynote. Alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox

In order to manage all your files and documents in one single place, we are creating files app.
It will help you organize your files and documents inside the projects in really smart way.
For example: You will be able to set different accesses on folders, request files so other can upload to them,
make folders public or private. Move or copy files from one project to another.

Upload files with a click or drag & drop anywhere!

We have created a seamless experience in order for you to upload your files inside Easynote quickly. You can simply drag and drop them from your favorite file explorer into Easynote. Then you will be able to drag & drop all the files you have in your filemanager into your project directly!

Google Drive and Onedrive integration in Easynote
Upload files to your file manager

Seamlessly work between Files app and Easyview

We are creating the most amazing integration between the files app and the Easyview, so you can attach any files from the files app into your project instantly. How cool isn't this! 💖

Organize your files into diferent folders

Organize your files into different folders private or public.

Create different folders in order to organize your files in best possible way.You have a private folder which is only accessable and viewable by you or upload documents in different folders which are viewable by everyone else.

Referal - Referals

More apps for you!

We are building one tool to rule them all! Easynote will replace many of your tools with one single tool
thanks to our awesome apps!

Amazing features to manange your projects in structured way!

Look no further! Easynote will help you manage all your work in smart way with amazing features!

Features included in Easynote Pricing

Invite members & share

Work solo, invite a teammate, or share information with your entire company.

Commets feature is part of Easynote pricing

Work together in real time

Whenever you are making changes on Easynote, they are being reflected in real time for everyone!

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