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Project Management Software Monday Features, Reviews & Pricing

As a business owner, you need to manage your projects with the best possible results. Therefore, you need project management software that will help you keep track of your progress, create and track schedules, and make sure that your team is working as planned. However, choosing the right project management software can be difficult. You

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How Much Does Asana Cost? Its Plans and Pricing

Project management is one of the most important skills you can possess. It’s how you manage and monitor projects. The best project management software like Asana makes it easy to manage and monitor projects.  Asana is one of the finest project management software on the market. But maybe you have some questions in mind, Can

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Project Management

Review of Servicenow Project Management and 7 other best alternatives project management tools

Managing projects, activities, and resources is made easier with the ServiceNow Project Management software. Projects ranging from a few simple tasks to vast portfolios including several interrelated and interdependent activities may all be created and managed with the help of Servicenow Project Management. After going through this blog, you will be able to decide whether

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Multitasking – Hurting your productivity?

Subconsciously or consciously, I think we all multitask – I, for one, can’t give one singular thing my full attention. I’ll share a small example of this – usually, I’ll get home after going shopping or coming back from work and I’ll throw on an episode of something on Netflix (I’m currently watch a french

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Project Management

The Project Management Institute (PMI), your guide to be successful project manager.

What is the Project Management Institute? The Project Management Institute is a professional membership organization. It was founded in 1969 and has over then gained 125,000 members worldwide. PMI provides educational programs, certification, and resources for the project management profession. PMI stands for Project Management Institute. The organization is the world’s largest professional society dedicated

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Project Management

Kanban board: How To Use It and Why | Easynote

Used and loved by many organizations from different industries, the Kanban method has become essential for managing workflow in a lot of departments. Kanban board, its main tool, helps visualize the work in progress and ultimately makes teams more efficient. Why use a Kanban board? Kanban method, invented back in the 1940s in Toyota, was

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