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Project Management

10 Best Project Management Tools in 2021

Having trouble finding the best project management tool that will be just right for what you need? Look no further and continue reading to find what the best tools on the market are and why you should choose one of them. The best ones for you can be simple to use project management tools. 1. Easynote

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Beta Product Launch 2021 — The Ultimate Guide

You have come to that stage of your product roadmap and now it’s time to release the Beta. However, finding someone who will actually test it and bring valuable feedback can be challenging. We at Easynote have gone through our Beta launch process experimenting and want to share with you what we have learned. 1. Test the

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Project Management

How to Choose the Best Project Management Tool for Your Business

Working on a project can be challenging. It requires proper planning and teamwork. Without these, you might find yourself missing out on deadlines and putting out low-quality output. To avoid such a fate, you might want to start looking for the right project management tool for your business. According to Statista, 65% of businesses claim

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Project Management

How to manage projects and teams in 2021 | Easynote

With the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses, learning how to manage projects and organize teams has never been more challenging. We’ve had to learn how to work remote and continue to work productively. The trend is here to stay, but not all players have been able to adjust. And this is where we step

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How to Find Beta Testers for Your SaaS in 2021

The road to the finished product can be long and winding, one of its last steps being Beta launch. This last stage before the final release will require some outside help from your Beta testers. And the feedback from your beta testers will determine the success of your product. Finding Beta testers can be a

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Project Management

6 Project Management Mistakes and Fixes

It’s not easy being a project manager. You need to carefully manage systems, schedules, budgets and most importantly, people. And then there’s inevitable problems that you’ll need to overcome. All told, it’s a job that requires serious discipline, patience and above all, perseverance. Seeing a project through, particularly a complex one, is rarely easy. Costs

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