Simply, your best alternative on the market.

Time to switch from to Easynote.
Easynote is scalable and adaptable alternative that
helps your organize your work no matter the size of your project or the business.

Why switch from To Easynote?

Easynote comes with amazing features, great usability (you can start work in seconds),
seamlessly integrated between Kanban, Gantt and Easyview.
We offer 24/7 support, GDPR compliant and more affordable.


Easynote comes with better usability, much easier to get started with, which means no training required for you or your team. is more complex to use.

Overview of everything in the dashboard

Overview of everything, in one single place

With the built in Dashboard on Easynote, you cn see all your tasks, projects, workload between all projects in one single place, in one overview. On this is not possible.

Easynote pricing is more affordable than

More affordable, save thousands of dollars

Easynote is more affordable than On average companies pay $4.200 / year to use

Smarter features on Easynote than on

Smarter features

Even if has many features, at Easynote we really take time to make sure our features are easy to use, give users value and make the tool more user friendly.

Better looking and working Gantt charts

We are super proud to share that we have created one of the best looking gantt (timeline) charts on the market.
It is super easy to user, and well integrated with Easyview. This is at the moment not the case with as its more harder to use and has not great usability.

Best gantt chart alternative

A smarter and better dashboard that will give you overview of everything

We are so proud of our dashboard at Easynote. The dashboard will give you overview of all your tasks, projects, attachments, statuses and much more between all projects at once! So one single place to have overview of EVERYTHING! has really great dashboard and is usable however is missing the feature to get overview of everything at once.

Unbeatable and unresistable pricing

If you compare Easynote pricing is way more affordable than
So why can we offer this pricings? Is anything missing?

Absolutely not! We have decided to create a platform with tons of different applications, and therefore we have decided to offer what we have today to a very competitive price, which is a base of our platform. So don't miss this limited offer!

Import everything from,

Import all your tasks, attachments and everything else with one click from into Easynote.

Import tasks, files and everything else from into Easynote

Amazing features that will get you onboard in seconds

Easynote has lowest learning curve compared to, asana, favro

Most of the collaboration software is to complex to use and what happens is that almost 70% of all users are going back to Excel in the end. We belive this should not be the case.

Our focus has always been that Easynote should be easy to use, get started with no matter how many features it has. The tool should be adapted to your job, not the other way around.

Easynote has lowest learning curve compared to, asana, favro
Features included in Easynote Pricing

Control everything

No matter if you work like to work alone, or with your team, manage your access in simple way.

Commets feature is part of Easynote pricing

Collaborate in real time

Working with others in real time is a breeze. Never miss anything with live updates on Easynote.

This is not the end! Easynote comes with tons of other features, which doesn't include.

Don't miss the opportunity to use one of the best work and collaboration software.
Easynote is the perfect tool to manage your and your teams daily work.

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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