Create and collaborate on online documents!

With Easynote Documents App, you are able to work together, edit and modify the documents in real-time.
Our Documents app will replace your need for Google Docs or Notion.

Document management - Write documents, collaborate with others. Alternative to Confluence, Google Docs or Notion

Watch the Documents app in action. We will show you how to write and organize your documents, link to projects, tasks and other documents. Simply an amazing Document management tool!

Save as anything, use anytime

You have an amazing option in the Documents app to save export your documents as PDF or Work and the best part to save it as template, so you can quickly reuse your previous documents.

Collaborate with others in Easynote Documents

Collaborate with others, anywhere!

When you are writing and editing documents you can instantly see who is editing and what in real-time.
Multiple people can work on same document and you can see changes instantly

Collaborate with others in real time

Manage access to each document

Sometimes you might have sensitive data in your documents or you simply don't want let everyone see what you have written.

In Easynote you are able to set access on each individual document, who can access it.

Referal - Referals

More apps for you!

We are building one tool to rule them all! Easynote will replace many of your tools with one single tool
thanks to our awesome apps!

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