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Overview of everything, everywhere.
Know what to do, make decisions fast, in one single place!

Look no further. Now you have the ultimate dashboard where you can get an overview of all projects, files meetings, notes, meeting minutes,
projects, timelines and the list goes on and on in one single place!

Easynote dashboard gadgets

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Dashboard modules
Now you can see everything

One thing most of us do is: Go to many meetings, write down different notes or simply we get different tasks we need to do. Right? So we thought, why not create a personal dashboard that could give an overview of my personal things that I need to keep track of.

Your personal tasks

Manage all your personal tasks, never miss a deadline and things you need to do,

personal tasks you need to do by dates

Quick notes

Keep track of your notes with autosave. Create different tabs and organize your notes simpler. Replaces OneNote!

Manage your personal notes and replace OneNote

Your personal tasks

Sync unlimited Google Calendar & Outlook calendars and see or create meetings in one single place.

Sync unlimited google and outlook calendars in Easynote

Get overview all tasks for you and your team, in one single place.

Select exactly those projects you would like to see and benchmark data between.

All projects

See all projects and enable those which you would like to see the data from in dashboard

Active projects

If you have many projects, you can view only active ones and quickly enable or disable them

View everything, everyone needs to do, everywhere.

One of the most used features in the dashboard is to see all tasks from all different projects in one single place and at the same time, filter the data however you want. This is super powerful & useful.

See everything that has been completed across all projects.

See day by day all completed tasks across all projects. Or see all projects individually, their complete progress, in one single place.

View all completed tasks in the dashboard in one single place

The best way to see all deadlines of all tasks across all projects in one single place

See all tasks, from all your projects in a nice calendar view. Day by day, week by week or a monthly view.


A timeline (gantt) dashboard that gives you overview of all timelines, from all projects, in one place.

Compare all timelines between all projects in one place

Enable the projects you would like to see and compare all timelines between all projects.

Swith view from days, weeks, months, quarters or years

See your timelines in different view so you can get exactly overview you want.

Total time of all projects, in the timeline

View the total time of all tasks for each individual project and compare the total time.

Project manager using timeline gantt chart

See & edit all documents from all projects in one single place

Wouldn't you like to see all the documents written in all projects at same time? With the documents gadget you are able to view all projects you have access to and then look at all documentation in those projects. This is a fantastic opportunity to see what is going on in other projects, see previous or ongoing documentation and compare documents.

What our customers say about our dashboard
Jessie smith talking about easynote dashboard

The ability to see what is going on in different departments & projects in one single place is simple awesome!

We can see everything what is going on in our entire company, in one place. Simply incredible valuable.

Our teams and project managers and constantly talking how incredible and timesaving the dashboard is!


View all projects, their activity, tasks members in one single place.

With the projects gadget you will be able to get all the information about all projects in one single place. Or simply go into each individual project, see all the activity what has happened and when, all tasks, files in the project, members and much much more...


See all files from all projects, in one single place

We all manage different files daily however they are stored everywhere. In the files dashboard you will be able all your files stored in all projects in Easynote in one single place!

Of course Easynote comes with tons of other great features

Easynote comes with tons of great features, that will help you work smarter, manage your projects and moreover increase your teams productivity.

Don't miss the opportunity to use one of the best work and collaboration software.
Easynote is the perfect tool to manage your and your teams daily work.

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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