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Easynote has created the best affiliate programme for promoters to join. Get amazing benefits by joining our programme and you have a possibility to get a TESLA! Yes, a TESLA CAR!

This is what's in for you

We have created on of the saas affiliate programmes on the market. For every user that you refer to Easynote and they become paid customer, we will give you 50% of the first sale, and then 30% every month as long they are customer on Easynote.

Get 50% on each sale you make

You will earn approx. $50 for each initial sale

When you get your first sale

We will give you 50% of total sales package. Today it's $99!
Join our affiliate programme

Get 30% on reoccuring revenue

You will earn approx. $30 for each customer per month

When you get your re-occuring sales

As long the customer is still paying on Easynote, you will get 30% of the sale, every month!
Join our affiliate programme

That means for example: If you refer 200 customers, you will earn: $9,900 in customer acqussion and have $5,940 i re-occuring earnings every month! As long your leads are customers on Easynote!

- Any customer that makes a purchase through your affiliate link will get 20% discount -

And there is more....

We have created several prices when you reach different milestones in our affiliate programme. The more you refer, the more you will earn. Check out the milestones and the prices when you reach them.

And when you reach 500 paid referals you will get a TESLA Model 3, worth $45,000!


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