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Finally a Project Manager's Project Management Tool

I have used endless Project Management tools, but they are all really just sophisticated task managers. They miss some of the key functionality that Project Managers really need to be using to improve project performance and ensure projects are successful.

With Easynote I am able to create baseline Gantt charts and see how our projects run against our baseline predictions. I can see so much potential in Easynote and I am very pleased with my purchase.

They are also looking at supporting other crucial PM components like risk management, document management & meeting minutes!

Support has been amazing and I'm really looking forward to seeing the roadmap items come to life.

Great work Easynote team! 10/10 for this product!

Awesome service and attention!

I made a mistake while setting up the product for the first time and I used the chat. To my surprise, they responded to me immediately and fixed my issue right away!

Again, it was my own mistake but they jumped in anyway and fixed it for me. I am looking forward to work with this company for many years to come. When you know you have a great team behind a product, you know you can't let it go.

Awesome tool, super flexible

I'm positively surprised with this awesome tool, it's super flexible.
I can see so many different ways on how it can be used, from a simple groceries or task list to a very complex roadmap and product management tool.
Endless possibilities.
They also offer great support.

A Project Management Tool That Keeps it Simple

As a digital marketer and agency owner I have a lot to do, and managing tasks, projects, and people always seems to be a challenge. I've used Asana, Zoho, Marvin, Monday, Airtable, Trello, Plutio, and a close to a dozen other ones.

The problem that I've had with most of them are that they are just too complicated to get info into quickly when something pops up that you don't want to forget.

I started using a notepad/google sheets combination and then I move it into my project management solution when I can. Google sheets works good for this, but before long it seems like you're building an application trying to get it to do everything that you want.

I was looking for a solution for all of these challenges when I stumbled across Easynote. I tested a free account and it wasn't 5 minutes later I was back o buying a license. 

It offers simplicity that allows for me to get my info in quickly, and a lot of options so that I can customize it how I want. I'm still having to use another tools for my teams but that is just because they're already deeply in the ecosystem but for myself everything from here on out is going to be in Easynote. I don't need the notepad or google sheets anymore.

Easynote is polished and has a beautiful interface and experience.

Highly recommended!

Straight forward, simple yet very powerful

I'm a freelance web designer and developer and have many different clients and projects going at the same time. I sometimes gets hard to keep track of it all. I'm a long time user of Trello, which have been great to keep track of tasks... but.

While exploring this tool I discovered that it's capable of so much more than I thought, so I bought it in an instant as the primary project tool for me, and have moved everything over. Yes, they can even import from external tools as Trello, Asana, monday, making transitioning even easier.

You can also import or create projects from your excel or list documents. Meaning a client meeting with all listed tasks can instantly become a project ready to be completed.

Great visual overview of projects, all projects and the tasks or deadlines associated with them. The interface is lightweight but powerful. Not much to confuse you, just pure "straight to the point" which will make it easy jumping into this tool.

Example of use (that I've tested so far)
Right now, I've created a invoice & economy project that summarize hours worked and money earned. (meaning, the tool can give you a total hours/money, just like an excel document, but simpler).

A task can be moved from one project to the next, let say from a clients project where you complete tasks, to the invoice task list. Minimizing the effort of keeping track of "what should be invoiced".

This tool will be great for collaboration as you can assign team members to tasks and projects. You can use the Widget system to add different task related information (hours, money, timeline, notes, comments, status, task urgency, deadline etc etc). Everything work together seamlessly to create a complete task and project management platform.

For this price, and for what you get for it, it almost feel like theft. This tool will save you hours if you just give it a chance to help structure your work. I've merely touched the surface of this tool.

If you don't yet use a task or project management tool, don't miss this opportunity. You'll need it, even if you don't know it yet. Give it a go!

Works great for our 500 employees

We are a large company running many project internaly and externaly and after a careful investigation and trials of many systems we have found that Easynote is the best fit for us. 

First of all the tool is so adaptable and easy to get started with. We have got an amazing support from Easynote Team, and our users just love it because it is so scalable to our different needs. 

We can strongly recommend Easynote to larger projects! 

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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