Security & Privacy

On Easynote we take your privacy and security very seriously.

We trully belive in privacy and security. Now more than ever we need to make sure that our customers are feeling safe and secure.

Therefore we are investing huge resources in Easynotes safety and security so you as customer can feel safe using our product and to makes sure your data is safe. Read more below how we are doing this.

Security And Privacy On Easynote

Privacy on Easynote

A lot of companies who are using Easynote and we really care about our users and their privacy. Before we launched Easynote it was one of the first things we looked at to see how we can protect our users and their integrity. We started to investigate where we could store our servers and what country was protecting their customers. The choice fell for Germany.

Servers in Germany

In secure place

Servers in Germany

Germany has one of the stricted rules in the world when it comes to share data with someone else and it really cares about their citizenz and customers.

Are you sharing my data?

How we manage your data?

Are you sharing my data

We are not sharing and we will never share your personal data with any third parties.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Follow data rules

Are you GDPR compliant!

Yes, Easynote is 100% GDPR compliant! 
Read more about GDPR here. 

What happens when i delete my account?

Your data will be permanently removed.In other words everything from Easynote related to your account will be removed from our servers. No logs, no files. For this reason, everything is gone and can not be recovered by anyone!

How Security On Easynote Will Make Your Work Safer

Security on Easynote

Equaly as privacy is important but security is even more important. We fully understand what you store on Easynote can be sensitive and not be shared on viewed by anyone else.

Easynote requires highest possible security and this is constantly our nr1 priority.

Everything is encrypted

With SSL

We encrypt your data

On Easynote your data is encrypted so not even our developers can access anything.

Who can access our servers?

And see your data...

Who can access our servers

For instance, when it comes to access to our servers there is only 2 technitians who can access our servers and the only way to login to the servers is remote from only 2 computers in the world. For this reason we have implemented this to keep any unauthorized people to even try to access to our servers.

We are using SSL to encrypt traffic

Strong encryption

We are using SSL to encrypt traffic

In addition, as you can see probably in your browser if you are using Google Chrome it's saying "Secure". In other words. this means the data you send from your browser to our server is encrypted and can not be read by any companies or governments. Finally, yhis is keeping you communication safe.

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