Easynote public roadmap

Our roadmap- Create a platform
that will replace all your tools!

Ever since 2015 we have delivered new features. With the release of Easynote 3.0 in 2021 we are working toward our journey.
Easynote is going to replace all your tools, so you can have everything in one place.This is Easynote's public roadmap.

Comming soon apps
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Easynote is more than a project management software. We are building a platform with tons of applications

We are not stoping here. Our roadmap is clear! We are moving forward to help you manage all your work in one place. Simply, one tool to replace them all.

All apps will be sold separatly in the platform, so you can customize Easynote to your needs.
They will not be included in Premium or Prime packages.

Don't miss the opportunity to use one of the best work and collaboration software.
Easynote is the perfect tool to manage your and your teams daily work.

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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