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    Easynote is a better way to create, follow up and assign tasks to you or your team! Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind thanks to our apps!
    A task manager and project management tool for everyone.

    • SINCE 2014


    Easynote a award winning project management and team collaboration tool that is 100% free!

    Thousands of private and corporate users are utilising Easynote on a daily basis to manage their tasks and projects. Our users tell us they love the tool because of it's simplicity, strong features and dedicated support.


    Easynote will always keep simplicity at it's core.

    We have powerful features but if you don't need them we make sure they will not get in the way of you creating that quick task list you need.

    Great features

    Easynote's strong features such file sharing and easy group collaboration have given it the great reviews it has received. We are constantly reviewing our users needs and are determined to create a tool that is expandable with your needs.

    Dedicated Support

    Listening to our users is our strongest skill and asset.

    Every change in our tool has been user driven and as a result we listen to all your feedback and are always available to answer your questions. 

    Trusted by more than 55 000 users

    Easynote is used by more than 15 000 companies and over 55 000 users

    Easynote - A task manager and project management tool

    Explore amazing features

    Our tool is designed so that you can start using it from the minute you register when your needs progress from the weekly shopping list to a multi-platform project, easynote has the features and capabilities to match your ambition

    Team collaboration

     Work together with your team and make the collaboration between the project members seamless


    Generate any type of reports in your project to get an overview of everything happening


    We have created some amazing integrations such as Google Calendar, Drive, Dropbox and soon Slack, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot and many more..


    Keep track of all time spent on every task by every project member and get the total time spent on the entire project.

    Desktop apps

    We have developed desktop clients for OS X and Windows so you can use Easynote instantly from your desktop

    and much much more...

    Easynote is being developed in such fast pace that we are adding new features on weekly basis. New updates all the time!

    Easy and intuitive layout

    No need to train with Easynote! It is a task manager built by users who know the value of time and how important it is for team buy in to keep things as simple as possible.

    No Training Required

    With such intuitive design there is no training required in order to get started and work with Easynote within minutes!

    Great Support

    Our users are our priority and should you have any questions or suggestions we are just one click away. We aspire to come back to you within an hour!

    Easynote is easy to user and have intuitive layout

    Our amazing apps

    Easynote has a World famous app system which allows you to
    adapt every project to your needs!

    Check out our apps here!

    Take quick overview of Easynote´s features

    "We have created a quick tour to show you why Easynote has been nominated as one of the best tasks managers in 2017!"

    An award winning task manager & project management tool

    Easynote has been voted as one of the best task managers in 2017 & 2018 by Capterra (Gartner Group) and we are aiming to win the title in 2019!

    Easynote is vote as one of the top 10 task managers in 2017
    Easynote has been voted as one of 29 best task managers in 2018

    Scales with your team and
    across the organization

    Across the hall or across the globe, we have an online work management solution for your company.

    What our customer say


    We just love Easynote! Our team is so much more efficient and we can focus on right things and follow up on daily tasks. With so many functionalities but done in simple way Easynote is our main tool to manage our projects!

    Emma Johansson
    Intermedia AB


    I have been searching for something to cover my exact needs of planning - Easy and simple to use, fast setup, great overview and easy collaboration with no time of explaining the tool for rest of the team members! Easynote just made my day!

    Aida Zaklan


    We are a team of 50 people who are using Easynote and we are so amazed that it works so great with all the functionatilies available. And it´s free! My recommendation: SIGN UP TODAY!

    Damir Huskic
    Illux Technologies


    I have been using Easynote for a couple of months now and i am very happy that i did, switch over from a similar "product". Easynote gives me less time in planning and a great overall view in everything i have to do. My recent story is that i´ve always tried to reach every task.. before Easynote it was impossible.

    Haris Coles

    Leading global companies trust Easynote to achive more

    Tens of thousands of users are using Easynote to manage their daily work and their projects!

    • Samsung using Easynote
    • Yamaha is using Easynote
    • Siemens is using Easynote
    • Barclays is using Easynote
    • Unicef is using Easynote
    • Pgizer is using Easynote

    15 000 other companies are using Easynote

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    Our users love Easynote!

    Our users really enjoy using Easynote and we really like to listen to our users and we are taking time to listen to the user feedback and make improvements.

    We also like to keep things simple and that is why Easynote is so popular among our users and this can be shown both on Capterra and Trustpilot.

    55 000 active users can't be wrong!

    Easynote is a very popular project management tool and task manager.