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Easynote is a great project management tool that will help you manage your projects if you work
in Construction , Information technology (IT), Manufacturing industry.


Construction industry is one of the largest industries in the World. Easynote is used by many construction companies around the World to manage their projects. As construction projects are often very expensive, project managers around the World are using Easynote to manage their projects at the same time to keep track of if the projects are within the scope and if they will be delivered within time, quality or budget.

Construction Segments

Construction industry is divided into several segments. In one way they can be be managed to be developed in say way, at the same time each of the projects is unique and it can vary in size. Since Easynote is so scalable and adaptable projectmanagent tool, it can be used and adaptable to any of the construction segments.

Information Technology

The World without Information Technology (IT) would simply not the look the same as it does today. The industry is growing massivly and never has it been this many projects initiated in the World as in 2021 and next coming years.

Easynote is playing a key role in digital transformation and the projects managed by project managers in IT. Our customers are managing small projects at the same time large enterprise projects in Easynote to help them improve the way of working and roll out projects from start to end.

Information Technology Segments

One of the most fast growing industries is Infromation Technology (IT). With so many new projects around initiated Easynote is supporting project managers in different segments.
Many IT companies are using Easynote in order to support the daily running IT business or their digital transformation. Easynote as project management software can be used in any of the segments mention below.

Real estate agencies

Probably the biggest industry in the world is Real Estate. With so many properties that are being built every year and world population growing the demand for real estate is getting heigher, year by year.
Easynote is trully adapted for real estate and in this case we have created a solution for real estate agencies

manage all listings in easynote real estate agency software

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