$99 for 10 people - 1 Year

Affordable pricing for work and collaboration software
Trello Pricing vs Easynote

Trello: $1,200 / year for 10 people

Monday.com Pricing vs Easynote

Monday: $1,900 / year for 10 people

Clickup Pricing vs Easynote

Clickup: $1,800 / year for 10 people

Asana Pricing vs Easynote

Asana: $3,800 / year for 10 people

Airtable Pricing vs Easynote

Airtable: $2,400 / year for 10 people

Wrike Pricing vs Easynote

Wrike: $1,176 / year for 10 people

Pricing that you can't resist

With Easynote pricing, anyone can afford to use a collaboration software with tons of features

Pricing of Easynote

Of course, unlimited projects and tasks. 7 days trial. No card required.

Our pricing is for everyone.

Clearly Easynote is for any type of business, and for this reason we have created different pricing packages for different companies.

The features that are included in the pricing

Furthermore our software comes with all the features that you need to manage your work clearly to most affordable pricing on the market. For this reason and in addition to that we are constantly adding new features that you will have included in your pricing as Easynote customer.

Features included in Easynote Pricing

Invite members & share

As an example, work solo, invite a teammate, or share information with your entire company.

Commets feature is part of Easynote pricing

Collaborate together in real time

For instance, whenever you are making changes on Easynote, they are being reflected in real time for everyone!

Trusted by 60 000 users in 17 000 companies - for a reason!

Customers on Easynote

Frequently asked questions about our pricing

You can always cancel your subscription and you will not be charged in the future. For this reason, we can not refund months paid for in advance. 

All our payments are handled by Stripe, a world leader in online payments. Many leading sites are using their services. To read more about Stripe go to https://stripe.com. 
Your payments are indeed in safe hands thanks to Stripe. 

From time to time we will have different campaigns offering discounts on our services.  Nevertheless, apart from that we believe Easynote has undoubtedly very competitive pricing.

Certainly you can. For instance change the number of seats available on your team and hence upgrade or downgrade your account to your needs. 

Not only, but also if you are an account owner of the team you upgraded, you will be able to see all your purchase history in Settings.

As an instance, depending on where you live, the appropriate tax rate will be applied. In addition, when you enter your tax id this will be verified through different databases to verify that your company exists and has the correct address. 
Read more about us.

As a result of your location different VAT will apply. 

For instance, customers outside EU don’t pay any VAT. 
Private customers in EU will need to pay VAT of 25%. 
Hence companies within EU that have valid TAX ID don’t pay any VAT. 
Then EU companies that don’t have valid TAX ID need to pay the VAT valid for their country. 

30 minutes free personal onboarding

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager
Each Easynote customer is getting 30 minutes of free personal onboarding on Easynote.