Scheduling made easy for everyone.

Easynote scheduling app serves as a consummate scheduling solution that enables the arrangement of appointments, meetings, or events for individuals or organizations.


Experienced higher lead conversion


Increase in scheduled demos


More deals closed

Scheduling appointment app with video.

Your custom booking page

When you create your scheduling, you will get a custom bookpage with your personilized link.
Share it with your clients, friends or colleagues in many different ways where they can schedule a meeting with you.

Your own custom scheduling appointment booking page.
Customers can see all the availability in the scheduling app.

Let others know when you are available

Transform your business with the power of scheduling automation. By seamlessly integrating your Easynote scheduling availability into your website, sending email or text invitations, you can effectively maximize your time by booking high-value meetings with potential clients and recruits.

Boost your bookings with video

Easynote scheduling let you boost your scheduling by letting you add personilized video message on each booking page.

By having video on the page you can boost your conversions by more than 75%!

Add video to your scheduling booking page

Hit your numbers and deliver according KPI's

When it comes to growing your business, meetings are where it's at! They can help you boost your revenue, keep your customers happy, and even attract new recruits to your team. And with Easynote scheduling app, you can make booking these meetings a breeze which will help you reach your KPI's.
It takes only 2 minutes to create your own scheduling page!

Drive your sales and revenue with scheduling appointment app

Don't miss a client you have been investing in.

Finding clients is hard. That is the true fact. By emailing clients back and forward there is a risk you might loose the potential client. With our platform, you can schedule everything from initial discovery calls to technical demos, pricing discussions, and procurement meetings with lightning-fast speed.

Let your customers book your meetings with our scheduling appointment app

Seamlessly integrated with your most important tools

Easynote scheduling comes with the integrations that will help you life easier to manage your scheduled meetings. Simply add all your meetings to Outlook or Google Calendar.

Connect your favorite meeting tools such as Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.

Your scheduled meetings are added to your calendar!

To keep track of all the meetings you have booked, we are syncing all your schedulings to your favorite calendars such as Outlook or Google Meet.

We will make sure that your clients can only schedule meetings based on your preferences or your availability.

Add your scheduling page everywhere!

Why limit your scheduling page to just a few people? Share it with everyone in just one click! Embed it on your website or LinkedIn profile, or add it to your emails. With our platform, you can easily share your availability and let others book a meeting with you in no time.

No more back-and-forth emails trying to find a suitable time, just share your scheduling page and let our automation platform handle the rest.

Analize your scheduling appointmets

Want to know what meetings are performing best and how many bookings they get?
In the analytics page you can keep track of all your schedule meetings, how they perform and what clients
have actually been on your meetings.

We are using Easynote's scheduling app as a early access user and all I can say that our our meetings have increased by 200% since we started to use the scheduling app. On top of this we are using everything else Easynote has to offer. Simply the the best tool on the market to manage our entire business.

Peter Olsson
CEO - Revam

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