Plan and manage all your work & projects. Scale to your needs and business.

Easynote provides you with everything you need to manage your projects and your work. Stay on top of your tasks by organizing your work with our widgets. Manage budgets, risk and deadlines with just one click. Thanks to our highly customizable and scalable grid-based system, you can adapt every single project to your specific needs.

Easynote - A leading project management tool on the market in 2023

Manage any type of work, in any industry

Easynote Project Management is extremely adaptable to any industry no matter the size.
From IT, Construction, Marketing & Advertising, Healthcare, Events, & Automotive to Banks and many more

It's all about widgets! Super powerful & useful.

Widgets are super powerful and here is how they are working: So if you are using Excel, you know that you can add an unlimited number of columns and that you can rename them to anything?

This is exactly the same thing with our widgets, however we have created many pre-defined widgets so you can just add the ones you need in your project and rename them to fit your needs.

This gives incredible scalability to any projects and businesses

2. Manage your budgets & deliver projects
within agreed scope.

We know how important it is to manage your budget in a project, no matter where you work. It's one of the most crucial things when managing any work. With Easynote you can manage your forecasts, budgets and always know exactly where you are in a project.

03. Know when things are happening with one of the best timelines (Gantt charts) on the market.

Gantt charts don't neet to be ugly! That's why we created one of the best Gantt charts on the market!

70 000 users can not be wrong! Easynote is built by project managers, so we know exactly what our users need.

Our customers love Easynote for a reason

Simply the best project management tool on the market, and trust me I've tried many! A must have tool in your company.

The user experience, how everything is connected and the scalability of Easynote is simply incredible! My favorite project management tool on market!

We have been using Easynote since the very early start, and the tool has bypassed any competition on the market. Simply amazing for project management.

Without a doubt Easynote is my favorite tool on many levels. The underlying logic is very unique and allows for high level of productivity in my use case.

4. Manage your risks & improve the quality

No matter what job you have or what industry you are working on, the work you do and the tasks you need to complete all have some sort of risk. With risk management, you can lower your risk and help your project to succeed, improve your quality - and even better - save tons of money.

Risk management

5. Deliver according to deadlines

Delivering work on time is crucial for all of us. With Easynote you will never miss a deadline again.

Manage your projects deadlines with Easynote

6. Collaborate & keep everyone updated

No matter what you're working on, collaborate in real time on any project, task, document or file.

Collaboration on Easynote

7. Whether you prefer to work agile or in the waterfall way.
We have the best of both worlds.

Since we all prefer to work in different ways, we created two different ways to manage your daily work. Handle everything in Easyview or Agileview.
Check out the videos below.

Work with kanban or agile on Easynote

8. Write all your documents and collaborate with others in real time

One important aspect of project mananagement is to keep track of your documents & files. Easynote has an inbuilt document management application called Documents. In here you can create documents, collaborate with others and easily link to your files, tasks, meeting minutes and other documents.

Write all documents and collaborate with others

Dashboard - The Ultimate Overview

With our unique dashboard, you're always just one glance away from knowing what is happening and who is involved - at any time and across all your projects.

It's adapted to your industry

Easynote provides 50 predefined templates for you to get started with your work no matter the industry

Features that are adapted to your industry

Easynote comes with more than
50 pre-defined templates!

No matter the industry or project, you can get started with your projects in seconds. From Construction to Retail, from IT to Marketing, Easynote templates are suitable to all businesses and departments.

More applications just for you!

We are building one tool to rule them all! Easynote will replace many of your tools with a single tool
thanks to our awesome applications!

Don't miss the opportunity to use one of the best work and collaboration softwares.
Easynote is the perfect tool to manage your own and your teams daily work.

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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