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Easynote helps your business to manage all work, schedules, teams or processes in one single place.
With scalable tool like Easynote, your small-medium business is in good hands.

Custom Solutions for your company

We help medium and enterprise businesses to adapt to the new digital era with custom solutions

We support companies with over 500+ employees with custom solutions. Easynote is so scalable that it can be turned into any product or we can simply build a new product based on your needs inside Easynote. We are super proud to have been working with large enterprise companies to support their digital journey.

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1. We can build and adapt Easynote to any of your needs.

Many of our customers are in need for custom solutions. At Easynote we are offering custom solutions of our software, where we can change and develop the Easynote into anything that you need within your company.

Adapt Easynote to their needs

2. We can build any software that you need, inside Easynote.

Easynote is a platform. That means you can have all your work in one single place.
Today many companies have different tools inside the company. We can create any type of software that your company needs inside Easynote, so you can have everything in one place. From document management, invoicing, hr, cost management etc. Simply tell us your requirements and we will build a application inside Easynote.

On-premise as custom solutions

Once we have developed a custom solution, you can run the entire solution on-premise.
This means that the entire Easynote will be installed and be running within your company.

Easynote on-premise

When you are running Easynote on-premise there is some great advantages.

Tons of great features as custom solutions for your business

Easynote comes with tons of predefined solutions and features.
See all features that will help your company and your co-workers to increase their productivity,

Features included in Easynote Pricing

Invite members & share

Work solo, invite a teammate, or share information with your entire company.

Commets feature is part of Easynote pricing

Work together in real time

Whenever you are making changes on Easynote, they are being reflected in real time for everyone!

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At Easynote we can support your business no matter the size or industry.
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