We are happy to announce that we will be releasing apps as we go. Together with our clients we have identified the need for project managers. Easynote will deliver the apps needed so that any company or project manager can manage their projects from an idea to delivery and follow-up.

Apps that contain all features any project manager needs!

Easynote comes with tons of predefined solutions and features.
See all features that will help your company and your co-workers to increase their productivity,

Features included in Easynote Pricing

Invite members & share

Work solo, invite a teammate, or share information with your entire company.

Commets feature is part of Easynote pricing

Work together in real time

Whenever you are making changes on Easynote, they are being reflected in real time for everyone!

Don't miss the opportunity to use one of the best work and collaboration software.
Easynote is the perfect tool to manage your and your teams daily work.

Mensur Zahirovic - Easynote public roadmap

Mensur Zahirovic - Customer Success Manager

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