Sync your calendars, book meetings and write your meeting minutes!

With meetings management app, you will be able to create your meeting minutes, compare your meeting minutes,
sync unlimited calendars, and connect meeting minutes. The best alternative to Fellow app or any meeting management app!

Meeting Management & Meeting Minutes Application

Connect unlimited Google & Outlook calendars

Would you like to see all your calendars in one single view? Simply connect your Google Calendar or Outlook and see all your events in one place. View the agenda, participants and join meetings from the Meetings Management App!

Sync unlimited google and outlook calendars in Easynote

Everything in one place

Weekly view

When you swith to the weekly calendar view you will be able to see all your events per week.

Daily view

Need to see what is on your agenda today? Switch to the daily view and see all the events per day.

Hide / Show Calendars

If you have multiple calendars, you can quickly show and hide the calendars you would like to see.

Create your meetings & add Teams, Skype or Google Meet

Create calendar events. Select the calendar which you would like to schedule a meeting, enter the details of the meeting and your are ready to go!
Get a preview to the right when your meeting will occur.

Create new outlook or calendar meeting

When you create calendar events in Easynote, you can add Skype, Google Meet or Teams events to your meetings.

Meeting minutes

Write meeting minutes connected to your calendar events or in separate documents. Collaborate with others and save multiple histories of several meetings. Simply the best meeting minutes app on the market!

Team meetings

A perfect way to keep track of what you have agreed or need to achieve as team.

One 2 One

If you have development talks or any other one 2 one meetings, keep track of all history of the meetings.

Write meeting minutes and compare version

Watch it in action

Want to see how the new meetings application is working live?
We have created a intro with all the features included. Check it out below.

Play Video about meeting management and meeting minutes demo

The best of two Worlds 🌎
Connect meeting minutes to your calendar meetings!

Click on a calendar event and meeting minutes will open to the left.
You can see more information about the meeting and you can then write meeting minutes connected to that calendar event. Simply awesome!

Easynote meeting management reviews

Compare meeting minutes

If you have had previous meeting minutes you can preview all versions and compare them.
This is a fantastic way to get overview quickly between your meeting minutes.

Compare meeting minutes with each other
Organize meeting minutes in folders

Organize meeting minutes in folders

You can create meeting minutes not related to your calendars. Then you can organize them into different folders. This give you a better way to structure your meeting minutes.

Save meeting minutes as template and reuse them

Having re-occuring meetings with same agenda? Save a meeting as template, and simply reuse it next time you have a meeting in seconds.

This will save you time next time you have a meeting.

Save meeting minutes as template
Export meeting minutes to pdf or word

Print or save as PDF/Word

Often when you have meetings some people would like to have them printed out or simply saved as PDF or Word.

With one click, you can print or export your meeting minutes.

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