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Remote Work

Tips for Remote Working

How to make the most of remote working More and more of us work remotely. For some, remote working is their dream come true. They don’t want to wake up at six just so they can get a seat on the train. They’d rather roll out of bed at nine and get straight to work

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Foods to keep you productive

3 Foods to make you more productive We all know healthy foods are great for our physical well-being. However, some of these foods benefit our mental well-being too, helping you to stay calm, positive and best of all, productive. Here are three foods that will help you get over that midday funk, and have you

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Work less, do more and be more productive

Let us give you some great tips on how you can work less and be more productive. Let’s be honest here. Even though you work a 40 hour week, you probably don’t do 40 hours of work. And you know what, you shouldn’t. Too many people conflate being busy with being productive. They think that

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Ways to Work Faster

How to work faster and be more productive Do you want to be more productive at work? Do you want to work faster? Of course you do. You live in a fast world where it can be hard to keep up. You’ve got a lot of competitors out there, both at home and abroad, who

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5 Ways You Can Work Better Together as Shared Owners

There can be advantages to shared ownership. For it to work, you’ve to be open to different views and ways of doing things, which can often lead to a more innovative and productive workplace for you as shared owners. However, there can be disadvantages too. Stubbornness, egotism and the refusal to do things someone else’s

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Project Management

10 Ways to Lead By Example

Do you want to know how to lead by example? To be a good project manager or a leader you must lead by example and that is one of the most important qualities you must have as a leader. It’s very important that you are showing the way forward, how things should be done, that

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