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Hourly Planner – Why Do We Need It?

Hourly planner is becoming a more and more popular tool for many people. From students to project managers, chances are, if you need to manage your time effectively, you will need an hourly planner.

So, what makes hourly planners so useful?

Well, let’s start with time management. If you are a person who does not rely on self-organization, or you never really liked planning your time ahead, you may find any type of planner too exhausting and irrelevant.

But if that is the case, you are the person who needs it. There are two types of hourly planners: notebook planners and digital planner apps.

The Difference Between Two Types Of Hourly Planners

Notebook planners and digital planners are the two types of hourly planners you can find. If you are a person who relies on paper and writing, you are most definitely more familiar with notebook planners.

They are usually made for each year, month, and week, where you can put in your daily and hourly tasks. However, these planners have their pros and cons. One of the negative sides is the messiness. In case you need to overwrite something and change your plans, it can become really messy and confusing for you. Especially when we consider the hourly plans that you need to adjust.

notebook and digital planner shown on a white desk which can serve as your hourly planner option

This may be very frustrating and you may feel like your plans do not make any sense. Also, if you need to remind yourself of a certain hourly plan that you made for the following day or month, you have to go through many pages and look for it.

Digital planners, on the other hand, come in the form of a planner or time-management app.

These hourly or daily planners are downloaded on your phone, tablet, or computer and they are always available- just a click away. You can plan your time even days, months, or years from now, and it will all be saved on your account.

This is useful for business and for anyone who needs to know which plans and tasks need to be done soon when it comes to work. Also, hourly planner apps will send you reminders and notifications about your upcoming tasks and events, which is very useful if you are a busy or forgetful person.

Hourly Planner Apps

There are many digital hourly planner options out there, and this article will focus on the best options for you. All these apps have their own unique features that will help you manage your time. That is why, you can take a look at the list, and decide which one suits your needs the best.


Easynote is a powerful time-management app that will help you plan your day hourly. It is one of the best tools when it comes to managing time, tasks, and projects.

No matter the reason you might need your hourly planner- personal or professional, it is still useful in all aspects of time management.

A screenshot of easynote's dashboard which can help as the best scheduling software for small business and schedule tasks or meetings

Easynote lets you plan your days, weeks, months, and years in detail. There is no need to think ahead about all of your responsibilities- Easynote is there for you.

The Ultimate dashboard offers a variety of features that are guaranteed to keep you on track of your hourly and daily plans.

Also, you can collaborate better with Easynote, because you can tag all your friends or team members to your projects or plans and do the same tasks together.

If you want to work towards a certain goal, you can define this goal with Easynote, and follow how slow/fast you are moving towards it. Use the hourly planner to set your daily goals and move towards your bigger goals.

There are many other useful features that will make Easynote your number-one time-management tool such as:

  • Integration
  • Meetings and meeting minutes
  • Calendars
  • AI-powered documents
  • Templates
  • And much more


Trello is another useful app with an hourly planner that can help you manage your time. It lets you use different cards and templates that will facilitate your workflow. It is also useful because it reminds you of what needs to be done in the next hour.

Collaboration is another useful Trello feature because it helps teams follow their coworker’s plans. This is useful for anyone who wants to make sure that their team members are on the same path and working towards the same goal.

screenshot of trello's home page which shows its features that can help you organize better

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is probably one of the most famous planners out there. It is a very useful tool that offers an hourly day plan for its users. When you make a new entry, you can set a specific duration for that activity or plan. This allows you to plan your day in advance knowing how much time a certain task will take.

Also, you can sync your calendars with it which will save you a lot of time because you do not need to spend time searching for events through different calendars.


Todoist is another task manager app that will help you create an hourly planner for your day. It includes many useful features that let you easily make your daily, weekly, or monthly plans. Also, you can set due dates, or make your own to-do lists.

screenshot of an app that can help you with adhd planning and organize your time similar to easynote

Microsoft To Do

This is a great app if you want to make a daily or hourly planner. Microsoft To Do has a My Day feature that is very useful for planning your day because you can select tasks from your to-do list and integrate them into your daily or hourly plan.

screenshot of microsoft to do's homescreen that shows its features and tools which can help with product management

How Do Hourly And Daily Planners Help People With Anxiety?

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, you are more likely to have problems staying organized. Always thinking about the next responsibility and tasks you need to do can be overwhelming especially when you do not have a good planner by your side.

People with anxiety can feel a great level of stress when planning things, which can result in giving up early or not coming through with plans.

This can be especially difficult at your workplace when you need to follow certain deadlines and other procedures that can bring a lot of stress to you.  

Anxiety can be a draining condition that affects the quality of life and makes it difficult to perform even the simplest and easiest of tasks. The role of planners in aiding individuals manage anxiety is of great importance. Planners provide:

  • Structure;
  • Organization;
  • Guidance.

These things can greatly help people cope with their anxiety.

The ways hourly planners provide structure, organization, and guidance:

One of the ways planners can offer help to individuals with anxiety is by giving a sense of structure. For example, people suffering from anxiety usually struggle with completing tasks when they need to or prioritizing their to-do list. This is bad for their professional lives.

A planner can help by breaking down tasks into smaller, more controllable steps, managing deadlines, and prioritizing important tasks. This can help release anxiety by providing a clear plan and a sense of control.

woman employee in an office showing signs of anxiety and stress holding her head sitting at the desk

The next way planners can help people with anxiety is by providing organization. For example, a person with anxiety can struggle with keeping track of deadlines, appointments, and important events. It is easy to get lost in many of these tasks, so people usually self-sabotage when working with anxiety.

A planner is a centralized storage for its users where you can put all your plans, tasks, deadlines, and obligations. This can help relieve anxiety by reducing the fear of forgetting important details. Also, it ensures that everything is taken care of and that you finished everything on time.

Knowing everything is done on time can help your confidence and help you reduce your anxiety levels.

Planners can give you a visual representation of all your goals and tasks being reached, and that also offers visual satisfaction.

A third way planners can aid individuals with anxiety is by providing guidance. For example, people with anxiety may struggle with second-guessing themselves and feeling swamped by the choices they face. A planner can help by providing guidance on decision-making, staying consistent, or breaking down complex choices into simpler options.

Different people, same solution

If you are a college student who suffers from anxiety, you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the workload and deadlines of your classes, causing your anxiety levels to skyrocket. You can feel paralyzed by the fear of not being able to complete your assignments on time, which makes it difficult to focus and complete your work.

If you are a small business owner who suffers from anxiety, you may struggle to keep track of your meetings, appointments, and important deadlines, causing you to feel anxious and stressed. You might be worried that you would forget an important deadline or meeting, which would negatively impact your business.

You can begin working with a planner which helps you organize your schedule, providing a centralized location for you to keep track of all your appointments and deadlines. This planner also helps you prioritize your work, ensuring that you are focused on the most important tasks first. With the help of your hourly planner, you will feel more in control of your schedule, reducing the anxiety you felt around your work.

Planners can truly play a critical role in helping people manage their anxiety. They can give you structure, organization, and guidance, which is highly needed if you are struggling with anxiety-related procrastination. Planners can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and improve your quality of life.


However you look at it, having a good daily planner is a very useful tool for anyone who needs better organizing skills in their life.

From notes you take to planner apps, there are several ways you can plan your day. There are many options, but we prefer the digital planners we have already mentioned.

These apps will leave room for no errors. There are many useful features they offer you, so you will always stay up to date with your plans and deadlines.

In business, they can be very handy, because you can plan out your day in detail and not worry about being late for some important meetings and tasks. Also, with Easynote you can collaborate with your other team members which allows you to easily plan your meetings after seeing when everyone is available.

Additionally, syncing calendars with your planner apps can be very useful since you do not need to waste time switching through different apps and searching for available time sloths. Instead, you can spend this time on more productive tasks. Here is how to sync Outlook and Google calendars.

For your personal plans, hourly and daily planners are useful because they will let you focus on one thing at a time and not let you procrastinate.

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