What Is Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS)?



Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) helps business owners, entrepreneurs and companies achieve their goals. EOS is a management system that was created by Gino Wickman. Entrepreneur Operating System represents a new, holistic approach to business and project management. It includes features related to visions, leadership, data, people, process, and traction.

This article will give you a general idea of why it is useful, how to use it, and possible alternatives.

Entrepreneurs And What Is Important to Them

An entrepreneur is a person with a vision who wants to turn that vision into reality. Entrepreneurs are seen as visionaries because they work hard and invest a lot in their vision and their business. They usually invent something innovative, that hasn’t been presented before. They sometimes need another company to help them realize their plans and achieve their goals.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs like to work alone or in a close partnership. The challenges and negative sides of entrepreneurship can both challenge and break your business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared for both positive and negative sides and scenarios.

However, there are a few things that all entrepreneurs need and should pay attention to, and skills they should master, and these things are the main focus of the Entrepreneur Operating System.

7 Skills That Are The Most Important For Entrepreneurs

There are 7 most useful skills that one entrepreneur should have. In case you are already an entrepreneur, it is useful to take a look at all these skills and see if you possess them, because this is tightly connected to the Entrepreneur Operating System.


As an entrepreneur, your vision is what drives your business. It is the thing (idea or a product) that differentiates you from other people and their innovations. When the vision is clear and when you know what your end goal is, it is easy to know exactly what you want, which resources you will need, and how the whole process will go.

Virtual board with vision written on it as it is main part of project and Entrepreneur Operating System with the help of easynote


You may have a vision but without the right initiative, your vision may just be the thing you never gave much attention to, and become a thing of the past.

This is what differentiates entrepreneurs from other people. There are many people out there who have had amazing ideas but did not take the initiative to realize them. These ideas might have been groundbreaking for businesses or humanity even. Entrepreneurs are those people who have a vision and they take any opportunity and important steps to make this vision become reality.


When you start your business and you want other people to know about you, you need to become skillful in sales. If you have a bigger company, it will have a separate sales department.

Sales are what makes your product known to the public. This is an important part of the whole entrepreneurship process because if you have a product but you do not know how to present it to people and your sales skills are bad, it is almost like it does not exist.


Planning is also one of the most important steps in your entrepreneurship journey. A good plan will navigate you through your processes and you will know exactly how much time, how many people, and how many resources you will need to turn your vision into reality.

Entrepreneur Operating System will be helpful in this sphere as it will guide you to plan better. There are also other apps that can help you with this such as Easynote, which we will mention later in the article.


Finances are the thing that makes your vision possible in a monetary way because you need to have a good investment plan for your project. Some entrepreneurs choose to have external investors while others choose to gather all the resources needed for their own work. If it is a big company you want to build, you need bigger investors that will back your vision with the right resources.

In the planning process, the resources are calculated carefully so you can always be aware of how much of it you need at any stage of the process.


When you want to develop a new product, strategies on how to achieve that are crucial. A good strategic plan is always needed when you want to develop a quality product. This is what Entrepreneur Operating System will help you with as well.


Many entrepreneurs are not aware of how important branding is. Branding is a visual representation of your product. It is the first thing people see when they search for your product or when they encounter it. Good branding and marketing can save your product and make it stand out from your competitors.

Overview of Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS)

Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) is a management system that offers a framework for businesses to improve and manage their performance.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs have found EOS a very useful system that greatly helped their businesses’ management. It is a people operating system, and it gathers human energy through a set of principles and tools.

Entrepreneur Operating System screenshot of the main page where you can see some of EOS main features and tools

EOS facilitates your workload by organizing many challenges you face every day and it makes them much more manageable. Entrepreneur Operating System helps business owners and entrepreneurs gain traction, clarify vision, and increase team health using practical tools.

There are six main components that EOS is based on. These key components are interdependent, and each one of them is crucial for a successful business.


As we already mentioned, vision is the first and crucial step of every business. Vision directs your business, it is its main purpose and goal. When you have a clear vision, it is much easier to navigate through your tasks and obstacles. EOS helps you with your vision and the strategies needed to make it a reality.


People are the second component of EOS. Those people who are skillful and have qualities that your company needs, are your best asset. They are at the center of your company’s heart and they are the ones who make your product possible. EOS lets you build strong quality teams who know how to deliver a quality product and strong leaders who will inspire others.


EOS provides its users with tools for collecting data that will help them improve their performances and make better decisions. Data is very important for tracking processes and making smarter decisions that will be beneficial for your company.

A male entrepreneur sitting at a desk in his office researching Entrepreneur Operating System and using easynote as his time management tool


A clear and efficient process is what supports a company’s development. It is the backbone of any project. Entrepreneur Operating System helps you track your processes and makes it easier to implement them.


Issues are a normal part of any business and they should not be seen as obstacles but as an inspiration for better and more efficient work. They can become a real problem if not easily solved so your team needs to be prepared for all the potential issues and problems that may occur.

EOS provides an organized process for prioritizing, identifying, and resolving issues to keep your company or organization moving forward.


Traction is also one of the most important parts of the process that is supported by EOS. It is the ability to deliver the vision and achieve the organization’s goals. EOS provides tools that help you create focus and discipline accountability, and discipline to achieve traction.

How to Implement Entrepreneur Operating System?

In order to implement EOS, you need a disciplined approach. The implementation process involves the following steps:

Entrepreneur Operating System logo for project managers or entrepreneurs who use this system or alternatives like easynote
  1. The current state assessment: The first step in implementing EOS is trying to assess the current state of your organization. You need to identify key issues, weaknesses, and strengths as well as your goals. Assessment helps you know which steps you need to take in order to put your organization into a better state.
  • Creating a plan: The second step is to create a plan for the EOS implementation. Planning out all the important things includes identifying priorities, allocating resources, and knowing which projects will need more/less time to achieve their goals. You need to define responsibilities and roles in order to have a better understanding of your project plan.
  • Implementing EOS: The third step is to implement EOS in the organization. This includes presenting EOS to your coworkers, showing them how everything works, which features it has, and how to use it. EOS creates a culture of collaboration and accountability.
  • Measuring progress: You need to track performance and measure progress in order to know if your business is doing well. These indicators will compare how well you did each month or quartal and provide important information on when and where to improve.
  • Continuous improvement: The final step is to always improve your EOS implementation. This includes feedback, filtering processes, and adapting to always-changing circumstances. Improvement should never stop as your teams should be aware that your goal is the best possible outcome.

Why Entrepreneurs Like EOS

There are several benefits that Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) provides. Entrepreneurs and companies that have used it found themselves satisfied in many areas after implementing EOS.

  • Focus: EOS defines priorities and sets goals and in this way, it creates focus. All of this will guide you through your goals and make you realize what is important in your current state.
  • Clarity: EOS gives you a clear vision for the organization, which helps align the entire team around a common direction and purpose.
  • Accountability: EOS will create accountability in your company’s culture by setting clear roles to your team members and clear goals each member needs to achieve.

Alternatives to EOS?

There are a few apps that can help you organize your time and team efficiently so you satisfy all the important steps for successful entrepreneurship.

One of the best alternatives we came across is Easynote.

A screenshot of easynote's dashboard which can help as the best scheduling software for small business and schedule tasks or meetings

Easynote is a 5-in-1 AI-powered tool that helps you manage your time and projects easily. Its powerful dashboard provides you with everything you need and more.

A few Easynote features that will help you with your entrepreneurship:

  • Ultimate Dashboard: gives you an overview of everything, everywhere. All the important tasks that need to be taken care of, deadlines, and other features related to your project. It will help you track your project process.
  • Meetings: meetings are easily done through Easynote because it integrates some of the meeting tools such as Google Meets. It is good for people management and discussions.
  • Schedules: it is easy to keep track of your schedules and timelines when you have a clear overview of the most important scheduled activities that you need to complete.
  • Allocation: allocating responsibilities to the team members can be a stressful task, however, apps like Easynote can help you allocate important things in just a few clicks.
  • Collaboration: on your dashboard, you will see all the tasks that you need to do and that your coworkers need to do. It is easy to tag your team members to certain projects, tasks, and schedules. There is no need to spend time communicating outside the app, everything you need will be just a few clicks away.

Easynote is a user-friendly system that will be very useful to your business, especially if you are an entrepreneur who is just starting with ideas and project plans.

Do not let all the tasks and workload discourage you from your dreams and ideas. EOS, Easynote, or any other app that can help you ease your workload is a good idea when you need to focus on your ideas.

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