Ways to Work Faster-Part One

How to work faster and be more productive

Do you want to be more productive at work? Do you want to work faster?
Of course you do. You live in a fast world where it can be hard to keep up. You’ve got a lot of competitors out there, both at home and abroad, who want to get ahead of you. That’s why now, more than ever before, it’s so important for you to be able to do your tasks faster.
So, what can you do? Well, if you want to get out in front, you need to work fast, and you need to work smart, so you can be as productive as you can. Here, in the first part of a three part series, are just three ways in which you can work faster, be super-productive, and take the lead on the competition.

Have a plan before you start

Don’t wait till work fastermorning! Too many people make the mistake of making a plan to work when they should be working, wasting valuable time when they could be productive. What you should do instead is create a to-do list the day before or, if possible, a week in advance. Decide what tasks you need to do, how much time you’re willing to spend on each of them, and, as explained below, do the most important stuff first.

Do the hardest tasks first

In the words of Mark Twain “If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” I know, it’s tempting to do the easy tasks first and ‘ease’ your way into the hard ones later, but you shouldn’t. Very successful people don’t dither when it comes to the hard stuff, they get straight to it. As Brian Tracy, the author of Eat That Frog, puts it “The difference between high performers and low performers is largely determined by what they choose to procrastinate on.”

Set a time for each task

Be strict with your time, and work with a sense of urgency. These are two traits that are common to the most successful people. If you think it’s possible to complete a hard task in four hours, try and do it in four hours or less. When you stick to strict deadlines, you’ll find that you work faster as you attempt to get important tasks done on time. Conversely, when who don’t set deadlines, you’ll find your work takes far longer to do than it really should.


Malin Hörgersson

She is working as partner manager at Easynote, and is also contributing to our blog.

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