10 Ways to Lead By Example



Do you want to know how to lead by example?

To be a good project manager or a leader you must lead by example and that is one of the most important qualities you must have as a leader. It’s very important that you are showing the way forward, how things should be done, that you are the one taking initiative but also that you are not afraid to make mistakes.
We are all humans, and we make mistakes but you are the one as a leader who needs to take a step forward and be the leader who everyone else wants to follow.
There are different leadership styles, but when it comes to project management you are the one who is steering the boat.
You as a leader are the one who need to:

  • Take initiatives
  • Follow up and delegate responsibility
  • Be humble
  • Be supportive
  • Know who your stakeholders are
  • Stay positive and have a smile even when a tough times are coming

These are some of the main points you need to have as a leader and by doing these things are also leading by example.
Don’t be afraid of the unknowns, what might happened or what might go wrong. You are never alone and you have probably someone else who you can ask for advice or support.

Be a leader, and lead by example then you will have happy project member or co-workers who will do more than needed.
Motivation is the key to success and by leading by example you are the one who is motivating everyone in your team.

Here are 10 ways of many different ways to lead by example.

  1. Take responsibility for things, and even they might not be your mistakes try to sort them out in order to keep your team members happy
  2. Listen to your team member or co-workers. People like to be heard and listen to and one of the things as human being we like to be listened to and respected.
  3. Be honest. One of the main keys to gain trust is to be honest in whatever you do. What do you want, how, and what would you like to have as outcome.
  4. Take initiative and show others how things can or should be done. Inspire other people with the ways you are working and solving problems.
  5. Create simple solutions. You need to be the spider in the web and create solutions or try to solve the problems. Try to think of simplicity in whatever you are doing.
  6. Never give up. As a leader you will experience many good and challenging things during your work, but it’s important to be focused on the goal and never give up.
  7. In order to learn we need fail, and that is why it’s so important to acknowledge failure but learn from it. It’s okay to make mistakes and not put all the blame on a single person, but to learn, improve and make things better.
  8. Have healthy team. Both you and your team need to be healthy both mentally and physically in order to perform your best so it’s important that you all take care of yourself.
  9. Be positive. We all like to be surrounded with positive people and as a strong leader you need to stay positive and see the positive even in though situations. By leading with positive mind, people will be more productive and you will get better results.
  10. Trust and be trusted. We all like to be trusted, so that other people believe in us but as a leader you need to trust your team in order to gain trust. By trusting you co-workers you are creating inspiration, motivation, stronger team and you become stronger leader who is leading by example.

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