Tips for Remote Working-Part 2

Ways to make the most of remote working

Last week we gave you three very useful tips on how to make the most of remote work. This week we look at three more ways to overcome the challenges of working remotely.

Keep in contact

One of the big downsides (or upsides, depending on your personality) of remote work is that you’re not face-to-face with your co-workers. It can be problematic, especially if you’re part of a team. To overcome this problem make sure you and your colleagues are all using the same chat program. Create a chat group, schedule regular catch-ups (at the start and end of the week), and be as engaged as much as you can. Just because you work remotely doesn’t mean that you can’t collaborate as well as if you were in an office.

Try and be social

If you’re a solitary type who’s happiest when alone, then remote work is an ideal situation. However, if you’re not that way inclined, it can get pretty lonely. It’s important that you don’t isolate yourself. You need to make sure that you schedule social interactions. It could be a regular lunch date with a close friend, a video call with a loved one abroad or a simply a group exercise class. You need to guard against ‘cabin fever’, not just for your piece of mind but your productivity also.
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Don’t get disturbed

Yes, it’s important to be social. Yes, it’s important to keep in regular contact. But sometimes you need to drop off the grid. Some team members, especially ones you get on well with, can be distracting. You know how it goes. You’ve to meet a 5pm deadline but every two minutes you get another message from your co-worker about last night’s Game of Thrones episode. It can be pretty frustrating, especially if you’re tempted to chime in. So next time, instead of getting distracted by dragons and white walkers, ‘mute’ the group chat or use a ‘Do not disturb’ function, to let your colleagues know that you’re busy at work.

Malin Hörgersson

She is working as partner manager at Easynote, and is also contributing to our blog.

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