Re-occuring tasks on Easynote

One of the most requested features, re-occuring tasks have been released on Easynote.

According to our survey previous done on Easynote where our users could vote on what features
they would like to have next implemented on Easynote, they have voted for re-occuring tasks
as one of the most important one.

We listen on our users.

Thanks to you, Easynote users, Easynote has become today a great project management tool. We have always tried to
implement the features you have requested in order to make the Easynote better and we will continue to do so.

So what is re-occuring tasks?

Re-occuring tasks is a great way to repeat a task on a given time set by the users. This means that when select a certain task and you set when you would like to repeat the same task it will be repeated at that time.
How does re-occuring tasks work on Easynote?
It’s super simple. When you create a new task, click on the repeat tab and then enable repeat task.
Re-occuring tasks on Easynote
Once you have enabled to repeat this task you will have following options:
Easynote - Re-occuring tasks
And that’s! You have now enabled to have this task repeated.
In the overview you will also see what tasks is being repeated like this:

We are hopping that you will be happy with this new feature.
This feature is available in the business and extended versions of Easynote.
Check out this new feature on Easynote

Malin Hörgersson

She is working as partner manager at Easynote, and is also contributing to our blog.

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