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Kanban board: How To Use It and Why | Easynote

Used and loved by many organizations from different industries, the Kanban method has become essential for managing workflow in a lot of departments. Kanban board, its main tool, helps visualize the work in progress and ultimately makes teams more efficient.

Why use a Kanban board?

Kanban method, invented back in the 1940s in Toyota, was originally used for organizing a manufacturing system in the company. Its name comes from a Japanese word for „visual signal“ and is nowadays used for managing different projects across all departments in virtually all industries.

Kanban board will allow you to manage your projects and tasks in one place, in collaboration with your team. It visualizes the workflow process, allowing so for easy discovery of bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

Today’s business environment: Multi option Kanban board

Kanban boards went digital a long time ago. Now, many productivity tools offer this feature, allowing you to easily manage your projects by setting tasks and deadlines and assigning them to the team members.

Digital Kanban board will keep everything visual, allow for the creation of customized workflows, enable sharing boards with teammates, and help track productivity in real-time. If you are just starting and have never used a Kanban board before, or you are tired of using simple ones, Easynote offers its collaboration and project management tool for a really affordable price, Kanban board included.

Reinvented 3D Kanban board with lots of features

Normally, Kanban boards come with three columns: To do, Doing, and Done. This most common concept is simple and easy to follow, but not always what you need. Easynote offers the possibility of adding as many boards/columns as you want and naming them to your liking.

easynote board

How to work with Easynote kanban boards

Each card represents a task, a step in the process. As its status changes, the cards pass the boards/columns, from left to right, from To do to Doing, and from Doing to Done. The boards/column names can be changed to whatever fits your needs.

You can also set deadlines on specific tasks and assign members responsible for those tasks. The Kanban board makes the whole process visual, allowing for easy tracking of the projects’ progress. This is especially important for teams working on collaborative projects, with a lot of moving parts/tasks.

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Customize your Kanban boards and tasks with widgets such as: LabelsDescriptionChecklistsSubtasksTask dependencyShare task, and Recurring task. You can also track Task activity and read Comments added by teammates.

You can mention your teammates in the comments and so make sure they see it.  Importantly, it’s an easy way to stay on top of all changes within a project you’re working on.

Attach files and drag and drop any documents you might need to share with the members of your team on a shared board. The process is done in just a few clicks. Kanban boards are flexible and allow you to easily re-prioritize and re-assign tasks or update them as needed.

Kanban boards have been used for a long time and their popularity is yet to see the decline. Favored by all types of users of all industries, the Kanban method has revolutionized the way projects are being managed. Visualizing workflow and giving the overview of the whole process down to the level of one step. Kanban board is a perfect tool that helps teams around the globe see an increase in their efficiency.

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How to manage projects and teams in 2021 | Easynote

With the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses, learning how to manage projects and organize teams has never been more challenging. We’ve had to learn how to work remote and continue to work productively. The trend is here to stay, but not all players have been able to adjust.
And this is where we step in. After the success of the original product, a completely renewed Easynote 3.0 is about to be launched. Introducing new design and features, we’ve made a product to help you manage projects and increase your team’s productivity. 

1. Still using Excel to manage projects? Try Easyview

Easyview is an organized listview of all your projects and tasks within. It is perfect for those who work on multiple projects at the same time and have trouble keeping up. It is scalable to any project size, designed for all levels of users of any industry. 
In case you’re still using Excel spreadsheets, Easynote will let you import any files you might have on there. You can customize your Easyview with widgets specially designed to help you track progress across all your projects. 

2. How do Easynote widgets help manage projects?

Widgets are small pieces of software, usually connected with an image, added to a website to allow the user to do something. Easynote widgets will determine the type of columns you will have in your Easyview. 
Use People to appoint those in charge for each task. They can make changes within those tasks, enabling you to have an overview of the progress in every of your projects. Set Deadlines to give priority to tasks ending soon and highlight their importance. Write in Text all specific information regarding the task in question.
Rating will help you rate or rank your tasks as you see fit. Type in phone numbers using the Phone widget and if your google account is connected to your phone, you will be able to make calls directly. You can add a link to any Website as well and so quickly access it whenever you need to.
The column you make with Numbers will work pretty much the same as cells in Excel spreadsheet. Add numbers for each task and in the footer you can calculate their sum, average, count, maximum and minimum values. 
Money is similar as it allows you to type in number values and calculate total, average, maximum and minimum values within a column. It allows you to choose the desired currency and will help you monitor your budgets. Use Timeline to set the date range for each task and so know how long they will take to end.

3. Do you prefer visual boards? Check out Agileview

Agileview is an Easynote’s Kanban board, made for those who prefer visual overview of their projects. It enables you to add your personal touch and comments to the projects, tag any of your teammates or upload an attachment. Same widgets available in Easyview can be used in Agileview as well.
agile view visual

4. Stay on top of all changes across all your projects

New Easynote has both popup and email notifications. This feature will make sure you are notified whenever someone changes something within any of your projects. You will know who was the change done by and what is it that they changed. In case you don’t want them, you can turn the notifications off at any time. 
manage projects

5. Need help finding information within a project? Use Anysearch

One of the most powerful features in the new Easynote is its search engine. Anysearch was designed to help you search for anything, located in any place, within any of your projects. It will let you find information instantly and quickly, cutting time lost in looking for what you need at the moment.
manage easynote

Coming next

If you’re still not convinced, keep your eyes out for things to come. You will be able to customize Agileview by changing background to make your experience using the product much more enjoyable. Things like Trello and Asana integrations and templates for different departments such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Manufacturing, Software Development etc. are about to be launched any day. And that’s only in the near future.

Easynote – better way to manage projects

Easynote is an award winning task management and project management software tool. Developed with efficiency in mind, it helps project managers create, follow up and assign tasks to their teams. Simple and easy to use, it requires no previous training. From the weekly shopping list to a multi-platform project, Easynote has the features and capabilities to match your ambition and help you manage projects.

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Easynote support available in US

In order to support and be closer to our customers in US, and to support Easynote‘s future growth we have established a local support in San Francisco, California.
Our customers in US can call us today at: +1 650 488 5158 and we will be gladly to support them.

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We are creating a totally new Easynote from beginning!

A journey to new Easynote

About a year ago we looked on what we have achieved with Easynote so far, and mostly where we would like to be in the future, and the decision was taken that we needed to create everything from scratch in order to deliver best possible project management and task management software.
Current and New Easynote
The technology we used to created Easynote was going to be outdated and mostly we needed to improve our user experience on Easynote.

And then everything started

What is great about Easynote is that it has many fantastic features, but we can admit that we have the potential to show them better.
So we recruited several developers who started to develop all the features that Easynote currently has from scratch, and our developers have been working on this almost a year now. Yes, Easynote is quite large and complex tool to create.
However, this will create a fantastic opportunities for us, and any other companies who want to use our future API.

A whole new world of opportunities is opened now

With this newly developed Easynote we are not only improving speed and performance of new Easynote, we are also opening a fantastic opportunity for all developers out there.
All the features we have on Easynote, will be opened with an API so you can integrate Easynote into your own company in any shape and form. This feature is trully amazing, and it’s game changer on the market.

So we needed a new design

Yes, this is something that we have been focusing quite a lot. The user experience and how you use Easynote.  For the last 8 months we have been working very hard to create new UX and UI for Easynote and it all started like this.
New Ux EasynoteAn prototype of Easynote
And when we have converted this into Easynote UI, this is what the new Easynote will look like:
New EasynoteNew re-designed Easynote!
This is only a small preview of the new Easynote (with Kanban – more views have been added), and there are soo many new and fantastic features that we are going to release. We can’t wait to share them with you.

When to expect this?

We are working day and night with these new features and new design. There is a huge team behind of all of this, and we would like to thank to our paying customers, because you are supporting the future development of Easynote, and we promise to deliver the best features to you!
Our target month is March 2020, however with a such large and complex project small delay may occur, however we will try to minimize it as much as possible.

Help us to improve, take a 3 minute survey!

As we want to create the best possible service out there, we need your help!
We have created a survey and we would highly appreciate if you could take this 3 minute survey in order for help us.

Take the  3 minute survey, to help us to improve Easynote! 

Thank you in advance and see you soon with the new Easynote launched.
Your Easynote Team!

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Easynote will get soon a new home,

Our new home will be soon

For the last couple of months we have been working day and night to recreate our front page of Easynote.
It’s trully exciting since there has been major changes to our front site, which explains also more what Easynote is capable of and what it can do.
As you might now, few months ago we have acquired the domain and with the lauch of the new website we will also change our domain and the new adress will be
The domain will still be working.
This change doesn’t affect you as a user in any way.
Stay tuned, the launch is very close.
/Easynote team

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Import your contacts on Easynote

It’s now more easier than every to import your contacts on Easynote

PS! In order to import contacts on Easynote you must have the Contacts app installed in your project.
For the past few days we have been working very hard to release new function to the contact app and that is the bulk import contacts on Easynote through a Excel file.
Let us show you how this work.

To import contacts into Easynote

Go to the contacts app and click on Import contacts

Import contacts

Once you have click on the import contacts a pop up will show up which looks like this
Import tasks from excel on Easynote
In order to import contacts please make sure to save your file in .xls or .xlsx format
Create a file in excel which looks like this:

Create following column names

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Phone

These column titles must be in place. Then add your contact information under.

Import companies on Easynote

To import companies is exactly the same procedure as for contacts but the the file structure is following:

And that’s it! Good luck importing your tasks into Easynote
Best Regards
Easynote support

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New app – Contacts released!

It’s finally here! – The “Contacts” app have been released!

Over the couple of weeks we have been working very hard to release a new app named Contacts.
You can manage all your contacts and companies in one application.
So let’s just dive into it, and let us show you all amazing features of this app.

The contacts overview

When you add the new app – Contacts from the Easynote store, you will find the app under the menu “Project Management”. The picture above shows the the overview of all contacts.
Simply see all you contacts and companies in one page and if you need you can quickly search for any contact/company.

View a contact

Once you click on a contact, you will get more information about the contact and the page will look like this:
Contact app - Update contacts on Easynote
You can update the contact you have created with additional information, or add notes about that contact.
Since you are able manage companies you can connect a contact to a company and when you view a company you will be able to see all related contacts – See below.

Schedule a webmeeting with the contact

If you have the webmeeting app  installed you will be able to schedule a webmeeting with the contact directly and have the webmeeting directly in the browser! Now that is something!
You will be able to see all your scheduled webmeetings in the webmeetings app.
Once you schedule a webmeeeting, your contact will get an email invitation to join your webmeeting and have live video/voice conversations.
Contact app - Schedule a meeting on Easynote

View a company

Once you have added a company you can view more information about the company:
contact app - manage companies on Easynote
You will be able to add very useful information about a company such as:

  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • City
  • Country
  • Number of employees
  • Adress
  • Linkedin profile
  • etc..

You will be able to see all your contact related to this company and you can relate any contact to this company.

Schedule a webmeeting with any contacts in the company

We have added a feature where you will be able to invite any people from that company
to a webmeeting.
The app is available in the Easynote store and it’s available in the business and extended package.

Coming soon!

We will add soon Hubspot and Salesforce integration and you will be able to sync you contacts / companies from Hubspot/Salesforce with Easynote and vice versa.
Enjoy using the new app!
Visit to get started!
Have you seen that we are going to launch our new front website soon on Easynote? Read the article here!

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Easynote's front website will be launched soon

For the past couple of months we have been working very hard to re-design our front page.
We are happy to share that the page will be launched in very short time.
The new front website will show more of Easynote’s features, what Easynote can do as project management tool.
As you might know Easynote is known for its apps and we have taken the time to describe what each of the apps are doing. We are also on the way to show with video what every app is doing and how it’s working.
Stay tuned, the new website will be launched soon.
Easynote team.

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Our business model i changing on 7th of April. Please read.

Dear Easynote users and customers,

On 7th of April Easynote’s business model will change and this means that the way Easynote it working is changing, in terms of users management, projects and teams.
We will go through the picture in detail and explain our new business model.
Why are we changing our business model?
In order for our customers to easily understand what is included in our packages and who is getting a premium version of Easynote, we have decided to change our business model.
One of the most common misunderstandings is that if someone buys a package that everyone else in the team will also get the upgrade. Therefore we have decided to make this process easier.

It’s all about teams

In the future every user on Easynote will be having their own team.
You will be able to manage your team and invite team members to your team.
The limit on the free account will be to have up to 5 project members including the owner. If you would like to have more than 5 team members on your team, then you are required to upgrade your account to eighter business or extended.
The following image is showing the new Team’s page where you will manage your team:

In this view you will be able to see your role in this team and who are the members of each team.

The roles in the team

There will be 3 types of roles in each team and we will try to explain them.

  • Owner
    This person is the owner of a team and is managing the total account and it’s also responsible for the upgrades of the account.
  • Administrator
    This person is able to set administrator rights and invite team members to a team
  • Regular
    This user is a member of a team however they can not manage team members in a team

How do I select the team I want to work on?

It’s super simple.
When you are selecting a project in the menu you are able to switch a project.
Once you have changed the team you would like to work in you will be able to see all related projects to that team that you have access to is owner to.

What are the limits (free account)?

The free account will be able to have up to 5 members (including the owner) on a team.
If you would like to have more members on your team then you are required to upgrade
your account.

We are more than 5 members and we would like
upgrade our account, how do we do this?

Once you have logged in to the Easynote, go to the Easynote store ( and then you will see this new view.

Simply move the slider to select the size of your team and then you can select to purchase
eighter business or extended version of Easynote.

How do move a project to another team?

To move once project to another team go to My Account -> Projects and then
select the project you would like to move.
Click on the manage button and select Move project to another team.

Questions and answers

Will the price change?

No, Easynote will still offer a fantastic project management tool for a fantastic price. The costs will still remain same which means $5/Month per user for the Business package and $10/month per user for the Extended package.

I’m today on monthly subscription, what will happen?

We will upgrade your account with a license you have today to 5 users for free of charge until your next billing cycle. After that you will be charged with a license of minimum 5 users.
If you would not like to continue with our new business model please cancel your subscription today.

We are more than 5 users today on the free account? What will happen?

If you are more than 5 users on projects today, you will get an option to select what members you would like to have on your team. The limit of users is 5 included with the owner.
If you would like to be more members on your team and projects you will need to upgrade your account to business and extended.

I’m just a single user on free account, do I need to take care of anything?

No, you can continue to use Easynote the way you have until now. The change is if you have more than 5 user on your team and you would like to user business and extended versions.

We are only paying for one license but the rest of the project members are free, what will happen?

Your account will be upgraded to the version of Easynote you have today (business or extended) for free of charge until next billing cycle and then you will be charged for minimum licenses.

If I purchase number of licenses will my team also have premium features?

Yes, if you for example purchase a license of 5 (Business) all your team members in your team will have also (Business) features of Easynote.
If you have any questions please contact our support department.
Easynote team

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We are developing an API for Easynote developers

What is an API?

From Wikipedia:
An application programming interface (API) is a particular set of rules (‘code’) and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other. It serves as an interface between different software programs and facilitates their interaction, similar to the way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers.

So why does Easynote need an API?

In order for us to be able to develop an Easynote mobile app for Android and IOS we need to have an API. We have not been able to provide an API earlier due to the fact that Easynote has been developed in such fast pace that it wouldn’t be possible to keep an API up to date.
So once we have finished our API we will release it and we will be able to start with the development of our mobile applications.

What else does it mean?

Well, having an API opens a World of possibilities for the developers. This means that anyone can use our API and create their own Easynote application. So if someone decides to create a desktop application, mobile app, smartwatch app and have their own look and feel they can do it and it will all be connected. That means that the application will have same functions as Easynote but can look totally different. But all data will be stored on Easynote. Now that is something!

How far have you come and can we see it?

We have been working quite hard to develop an API and we have come quite far and we can show you a preview of our API.
Screenshot of Easynote’s API (under development)
Easynote’s API will be launched on

When will the API be launched?

We really don’t want to make any promises because to create an API for application like Easynote is quite big task but we are aiming to have it ready by end of May this year.
That’s all.
If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us!
See you on Easynote